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Personal Trainer - A high end Fitness Trainer of Personal Trainers for women in NYC and AC - the #1 high energy, choreographed, audience participating male review show of Personal Training Brothers in New York City, Atlantic City, New Jersey, Boston, MA, Las Vegas, NV, Los Angeles, CA, Philadelphia, PA, Miami, FL, Houston, TX and Chicago IL!

For Tickets & Info Call: 1-347-852-0157 (Live Person)

Personal Trainer - NYC Ladies Club & New York Personal Fitness Trainer is the ULTIMATE destination for The Best Shape of Your Life & girls' night out in NYC, AC, NJ, PA & TX.

Personal Trainer is the New York City Personal Trainer headquarters, birthday party central, and the place to be for an UNFORGETTABLE girls' night out. Ladies, this is YOUR night, do it right the first time, the last time, every time! This Fitness Trainer is 18 to enter in NYC and in Atlantic City, 21 in Philadelphia and Chicago, IL.

Can't Make it Out to the Show in Atlantic City, NJ, Manhattan, NY or Philadelphia, PA? - Rent a Fitness personal trainer!

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